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Join Our Movement! Move Better! Feel Better!

It’s a Fact. When You Change the Way You Move – You Change the Way You Experience Life. Why? Because People Who Move Well & Move Often…Feel Better Overall.

Do you find yourself saying 'I'm just not that flexible'; 'I can't move as well as I used to - that's just a fact of life'; or, 'If I move too quickly, it hurts'? Maybe…you would just like to improve how you move? The ability to move, your confidence level and self-esteem are all tied together. If you feel you don’t move easily or well – you may find yourself avoiding activities with family members, friends or colleagues. You may even find you don’t function as well at work – even though your work is more mental than physical – because you just don’t feel good about yourself.

Movement Training By Design Is Designed To Get You Moving

What is movement? Movement is a combination of flexibility, stability, strength, endurance and power. If one part of your body’s movement is off – it can, and will, impact your overall motion – possibly even leading to injury and pain. Movement Training By Design’s core premise is to:

  • First, to discover where you move well, and identify what kinds of movements you struggle with.
  • Secondly, design a program customized to you, personally to build on your areas of strength,
    and, to address those areas of movement you struggle with.
  • The third and ultimate goal being to increase your range of motion thru flexibility and stability,
    as well as strength, endurance, and power so that you get fit, lose weight, perform better in
    sports, work, and life.

This is more than fitness. You may be physically fit, yet not move well or easily. Movement Training By Design benefits your ability to move and increases your fitness level while reducing the risk of injury.

Who We Help

The desire to improve movement crosses all boundaries and ages – which means we work with any person who wants to improve their ability to move. We work with your average person who wants to move better to those with chronic pain; people recovering from surgery who need to increase their range of motion; to the youth or adult athlete who wants to move more fluidly to enhance their performance in their sport of choice.

Movement Training by Design - Training that Empowers you to Move Better

Based on your health, lifestyle, exercise history, movement screens and fitness goals, we develop a process that enables you to reach your goals safely and quickly.

We Help

We specialize in helping people who have compromised movement because of orthopedic and other health issues.  We also work with clients ranging from high school athletes to middle aged golfers.

Join our Movement - Move Better, Feel Better

Quality of movement is important in performance, reducing risk of injury, and recovering from injury and pain.  For this reason, we screen movements before beginning an exercise program.


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