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With Movement Training by Design your body will learn from its own feedback. We understand that improving movement means to improve the quality (how the movement is performed and quantity (faster, stronger, longer, and bigger) of movement. Improving the way you move not only improves performance, and your ability to enjoy life, but also reduces risk of injury and pain. 
Our services address the 5 basic components of movement:
•    Flexibility
•    Stability
•    Strength
•    Endurance
•    Power
Lacking adequate amounts of one these basic components of movement can cause the movement to have the appearance and or feel that other of the basic elements are missing. To decide how to best help a client we begin by reviewing:
•    Health History
•    Lifestyle History
•    Exercise and Movement History
•    Functional Movement Screening
This information helps us to identify what process best to use to help a client. Movement screening helps us to indentify strong points in a client’s movement we can build on as well as identify areas and components that need extra work to improve quality of movement, reduce risk of injury and pain, and improve performance. From this information we help the client learn the process of choosing the appropriate challenge for me movement to reach their goals.

Movement Training by Design - Training that Empowers you to Move Better

Based on your health, lifestyle, exercise history, movement screens and fitness goals, we develop a process that enables you to reach your goals safely and quickly.

We Help

We specialize in helping people who have compromised movement because of orthopedic and other health issues.  We also work with clients ranging from high school athletes to middle aged golfers.

Join our Movement - Move Better, Feel Better

Quality of movement is important in performance, reducing risk of injury, and recovering from injury and pain.  For this reason, we screen movements before beginning an exercise program.


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