You will benefit from body movement training at Movement Training By Design. This is a Glastonbury CT based functional fitness studio run by Certified Trainer John Watson. Whatever your age or physical condition, you can improve your physical condition through functional movement training. We offer a free Movement Assessment to inspect movement and pinpoint areas of muscle weakness. Our training can improve strength, coordination, flexibility and overall conditioning. When your body is coordinated, it is more efficient. If your sedentary lifestyle has you complaining about pain and stiffness, call John Watson.

As your certified personal trainer, John will work towards reducing muscle weakness, reducing pain, and preventing injury. You may be an athlete who seems physically fit, yet could benefit from movement training. We help you increase your range of motion while improving your power and stability. Whether you are paraplegic, recovering from surgery, recuperating from injury or physical infirmity, or you would like to eliminate pain, Movement Training by Design can change your life.

For more information about Movement Training by Design, or to request a free movement assessment, please call us at 860-970-8575.


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