John Watson is a Fitness Training expert serving the greater Glastonbury CT area. At Movement Training by Design, clients undergo a series of tests to evaluate their ability to move well. Movement Screening is particularly helpful in evaluating  athletes and children. Movement is a basic part of life, the gateway to fitness.  Functional Movement Training strengthens groups of muscles, allowing fluid and efficient movement for everyday tasks. 

Exercises used in functional movement training are very different from body building. Movement is a complex combination of flexibility, stability, strength, and muscular endurance. More than anything, movement is the ability of the nervous system to recruit the right muscles in the right sequence at the right time. Before embarking on a workout regimen, John recommends a Functional Movement Screen.

Mobility allows us to move and enjoy life. Functional Movement Screens are a good way of ensuring that we maintain adequate movement patterns throughout life. At Movement Training by Design, we will train your body to adopt the correct posture and movements needed to improve the way you move. Call 860-970-8575 today for information.

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