If you feel as though you could benefit from personal fitness training, Movement Training by Design would like to offer you a free movement assessment. John Watson is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist located in Glastonbury CT. John works with clients who wish to increase their strength, range of motion, flexibility, endurance, and power. From the athlete to the hemiplegic, anyone can improve their strength, coordination and flexibility. Even if you are not an athlete, Movement Training will improve your life.

From a functional movement trainer's perspective, movement is the gateway to fitness. Movement is the ability of the nervous system to recruit the right muscles in the right sequence at the right time. Often times, a lack of mobility, stability, or strength in one part of the body can affect the movement of other parts or even the body as a whole. The hardest part for most is determining where to start: what exactly is the weakest link that causes the problem with Movement.

Functional Movement Screens give trainers a better overall look at the way someone is moving: what kind of movements they excel at and what movements they may struggle with. The Functional Movement Screens also provide an indication of the best place to start with exercise in order to help improve movement. There are many benefits to this system. Functional Movement Screens help to reveal risk of injury in healthy populations. Are you ready to move more easily and reduce injuries? We offer a free movement assessment to new clients.

Most of us start off very mobile in life. This mobility we are gifted with allows us to move and enjoy life. Functional Movement Screens are a good way of ensuring that we maintain adequate movement patterns throughout life. At Movement Training by Design, we will train your body to adopt the correct posture and movements needed to improve the way you move. Call 860-970-8575 today for information.


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