According to many experts “many people run to get fit when they should get fit so they can run.” Having a good base of movement patterns is essential to reducing the risk of injury and is a contributing factor in improving performance. This is why I have all my clients go through Functional Movement Screens before beginning a fitness or performance enhancing program. The two articles at the links below about the use of Functional Movement Screens on members of the USA Olympic Track and Field, and Gymnastic teams illustrate why this is important.

Here are a few notable quotes that standout:

"moving well and having no asymmetries may simply allow the athlete to gain more from each training session. Since five of the seven FMS tests are done bilaterally (hurdle step, in-line lunge, shoulder mobility, active straight leg raise, and rotational stability), Arnold and his colleagues wanted to investigate if there was a closer relationship between bilateral FMS tests and performance. The data suggests that athletes who had no bilateral asymmetries improved on their performance while those who had at least one bilateral asymmetry saw their performance decline.”

"For most performance coaches, the benefits of a multi-sport background for long-term athletic development is not a new concept. Whether it be track, golf, or, football, early sampling gives athletes a higher ceiling for success. In fact, it’s a trend seen across most Olympic sports (with the notable exception of early specialization sports like gymnastics). In 2014, the USOC completed a comprehensive survey of their Olympians and found that, on average, Olympians played three sports per year form 10-14 and over two sports per year from 15-18."

"Movement skills are one of the foundational building blocks of athletic performance and the FMS is how many athletes and coaches measure them. If an elite runners need to have their movements screened, then the average person probably should also. Your training should improve “All Qualities of Movement”.

The Application of the FMS in Track and Field

The benefits of using the FMS within USA Gymnastics


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