Move Better With Movement Your Body Wants

With Movement Training by Design your body will learn from its own feedback. Our goal is to improve the quality of movement, improve performance, reduce the risk of injury, eliminate pain, and enhance your ability to enjoy life. When it comes to movement, it’s all about timing. Movement Training gets muscles engaged in appropriate movements with appropriate timing.

Our services address the 5 basic components of movement:

  • Flexibility
  • Stability
  • Strength
  • Endurance
  • Power

Movement Training improves your overall performance by addressing all five basic components of movement. When one of these basic elements of movement is lacking, your body may perform or feel as though other basic elements are missing.

To decide how to best help a client we begin by reviewing:

  • Health History
  • Lifestyle History
  • Exercise and Movement History
  • Functional Movement Screening

The information gathered during the Functional Movement Screening helps us to identify the client’s physical strengths and weaknesses. We identify areas and that need extra work to improve quality of movement, reduce risk of injury and pain, and improve performance. From this information we help the client learn the process of choosing the appropriate challenge for me movement to reach their goals.

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