We offer a free functional movement screen in the Hartford CT area at Movement Training by Design fitness studio. From a trainer's perspective, movement is the gateway to fitness. Movement is a basic part of life, and is the backbone of successful sports and fitness programs.  In my previously published article below I discuss movement and the importance of functional movement screening.  - John Watson, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. What d

Do You Golf?

Improve your golf swing with Movement Training by Design.  Certified functional movement trainer John Watson can improve the way you move. His Glastonbury studio is minutes from Hartford CT.  The Deep Squat as used by Functional Movement Screens and Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) has been found to be a useful test to gather information on a golfer’s preparedness for the game. In their research, TPI has found se

Consult a functional movement trainer before beginning your fitness program in greater Hartford CT.  John Watson is a certified strength and training specialist at Movement Training by Design. As a personal trainer, John has worked with people of all body types and fitness levels, some olympians and others with health and mobility issues. Everyone can benefit from functional movement training. The consensus is that movement training will enhance the quality of life, improve

Child movement development can empower young people in their everyday lives. I would like to share an important video with you which addresses functional movement in children. It is a fact that movement stimulates brain development. Movement patterns developed in youth that are used and reinforced become strong. As a certified Personal Trainer, my role is to educate my clients while conditioning and strengthening their bodies. Below I have embedded a video of Dr. Greg Rose, a board certified Doc

Certified strength training specialist John Watson provides individual coaching at his Glastonbury CT studio. Movement Training by Design specializes in improved balance, strength, range of motion and pain relief. At Movement Training by Design you can expect better muscle tone and improved flexibility and muscle function. John treats people of all ages, from all walks of life. From the seasoned athlete to the post-surgical patient, movement training can be applied average people at every level

John Watson is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist located in Glastonbury CT.  John works with clients who wish to increase their strength, range of motion, flexibility, endurance, and power. At Movement Training by Design, we improve your body's flexibility, power, endurance, and range of motion. Your age and fitness level coming into the program does not matter.  From seasoned athletes to middle aged couch potatoes, we strengthen muscle groups and teach your body to move

I would like to share an excellent article entitled Exercise-Based Performance Enhancement and Injury Prevention for Firefighters: Contracting the Fitness- and Movement- Related Adaptations to Two Training Methodologies.  It was published in the September 2015 issue of the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. The article compares the efficacy of Movement Guided Fitness and Conventional Fitness over a 12 week training period. The g

When your goal is to play golf better, start with a visit to Movement Training by Design in Glastonbury. Certified trainer John Watson has a movement training program that will result in improving your golf game.  A Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, John's studio offers personal training to improve coordination, flexibility and strength. Not only can we improve your golf swing, we prevent injury and muscle strain. John performs a Movement Assessment to eval

You will benefit from body movement training at Movement Training By Design. This is a Glastonbury CT based functional fitness studio run by Certified Trainer John Watson. Whatever your age or physical condition, you can improve your physical condition through functional movement training. We offer a free Movement Assessment to inspect movement and pinpoint areas of muscle weakness. Our training can improve strength, coordination, flexibility and overall conditioning. When your body is coordinat

A functional fitness trainer can help your body move better. Certified fitness trainer John Watson's studio is located minutes from Manchester. At Movement Training by Design, your muscle groups are trained to move together to work more efficiently.  Muscles trained together make everyday activities like lifting and squatting easier. Muscle groups which have been strengthened together make it easier to move without pain or injury.

John Watson is a functional fitness trainer serving the East Hartford CT area.  His Glastonbury CT studio, Movement Training by Design, welcomes people from all walks of life. Although you may be physically fit, there may be room for improvement in how WELL your body moves.  Movement is a combination of flexibility, strength, endurance and power. The purpose of functional fitness training is to help your muscles learn to work together. When m

Certified Strength and Training Specialist John Watson will help you move better and feel better at Movement Training by Design in Glastonbury CT.  We see people from all walks of life, of all ages and abilities. If you have been sedentary after a stroke or surgery, ordinary Physical Therapy may not be enough. A sedentary lifestyle reduces our flexibility and amplifies pain and stiffness. John will work with you to improve your flexibility, strength and conditioning.  As your certif

When you need a fitness and movement trainer serving greater East Hartford CT, call John Watson of Movement Training by Design. As a certified strength training specialist and fitness trainer, John Watson specializes in strengthening muscle groups to improve strength and coordination. When your body moves better, you feel better. John Watson helps people at all stages of health and fitness. Movement training improves flexibility, muscle function and coordination. Our  specialized training c

Movement Training by Design has a program dedicated to improving your golf swing in the East Hartford CT area. Certified trainer John Watson offers personal training to improve coordination, flexibility and strength. Not only can we improve your golf swing, we prevent injury and muscle strain. John performs a Movement Assessment to evaluate each individual's baseline in flexibility, stability, strength, endurance and power. Movement training addresses all five of these basic components of moveme