Child movement development can empower young people in their everyday lives. I would like to share an important video with you which addresses functional movement in children. It is a fact that movement stimulates brain development. Movement patterns developed in youth that are used and reinforced become strong. As a certified Personal Trainer, my role is to educate my clients while conditioning and strengthening their bodies. Below I have embedded a video of Dr. Greg Rose, a board certified Doctor of Chiropractic as he gives his 2014 FMS Summit keynote presentation. Dr. Rose shares the importance of evaluating movement in young athletes.

Dr. Rose contends that is it impossible to change an established motor pattern. Because a child's Movement Pattern builds the brain and controls brain development, we want to establish movement training early in life. The information in this video should be seen by parents, coaches, or anyone involved with the development of children. Functional Movement Screening in children can identify weaknesses early in life, when all brain development occurs. For more information about Movement Training by Design, or to request a free movement assessment, please call us at 860-970-8575.

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