In Hartford CT, you can get a functional fitness evaluation at Movement Training by Design studio. Owner and Certified fitness trainer John Watson offers targeted fitness training to strengthen muscle groups. The purpose of functional fitness training is to help your muscles learn to work together. When muscle groups are exercised together, they learn to perform everyday activities with efficiency. Muscle groups which have been strengthened work efficiently, make it easier to lift groceries, pick up low objects, and move without injury.

Functional fitness movements that use multiple muscles and joints prepare the body for common daily activities.  While vacuuming, shoveling, or squatting to pick up a low object, muscle groups that have been trained to  work together help prevent injury. There are five movement patterns that must be mastered. They include hinging, rotational movements, pushing/pulling, lunging, and squatting. Students start by using their own body weight for resistance and weights may be added later in the training.

John Watson specializes in Functional Movement Training. People of all ages and any fitness level can be trained to move better, with strength and confidence. The Movement Training by Design studio is located in Glastonbury CT. Call 860-970-8575 for more information.

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