Movement Training by Design is first in Child movement training CT. Meet Certified strength and conditioning specialist John Watson. Whatever the health challenge, whatever the fitness level, everyone can benefit from functional movement training. Because many children are sedentary or overweight, important coordinated muscle movements remain underdeveloped.

Many young children lack the coordination to perform simple exercises, such as balancing,  skipping or hopping. John stresses the importance of early movement screening in children. Once important neuronal pathways in the brain reach a certain point, motor patterns may be difficult to correct. 

Fluid movement and coordination include elements of balance, spatial orientation, and rhythm. Three basic principles of coordination training include starting young, challenging young athletes individually, and changing exercises frequently. From athletes to ordinary people, movement training will enhance the quality of life, improve stability, and prevent injuries.  Movement Training by Design offers functional movement screening to assess potential imbalances in movement before beginning an exercise program. 

Functional Movement Screening in children can identify weaknesses early in life, when all brain development occurs. For more information about Movement Training by Design, or to request a free movement assessment, please call us at 860-970-8575.

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