When you need a fitness and movement trainer serving greater East Hartford CT, call John Watson of Movement Training by Design. As a certified strength training specialist and fitness trainer, John Watson specializes in strengthening muscle groups to improve strength and coordination. When your body moves better, you feel better. John Watson helps people at all stages of health and fitness. Movement training improves flexibility, muscle function and coordination. Our  specialized training can correct subtle postural errors, abnormal gait, joint pain, and muscle pain.

At Movement Training by Design, we specialize in helping people with compromised movement due to orthopedic or other physical limitations. Many of our clients are weekend athletes, student athletes, people recovering from surgery or spine injuries.  Movement Training can correct limited range of motion due to osteoarthritis, eliminate pain associated with osteoporosis, and eliminate repetitive stress injuries that can cause joint inflammation and muscle strain.

For more information about Movement Training by Design, or to request a free movement assessment, please call us at 860-970-8575.

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