When you need a fitness and movement trainer serving greater East Hartford CT, call John Watson of Movement Training by Design. As a certified strength training specialist and fitness trainer, John Watson specializes in strengthening muscle groups to improve strength and coordination. When your body moves better, you feel better. John Watson helps people at all stages of health and fitness. Movement training improves flexibility, muscle function and coordination. Our  specialized training c

Professional personal trainer John Watson's goal is training you to move better. At his Glastonbury CT studio, Movement Training by Design, he is changing lives for the better. John works with people who wish to increase their strength, range of motion, flexibility, endurance, and power. Anyone can improve their strength, coordination and flexibility. Whether you are a child, a student, an athlete, or wheelchair-bound, John will train muscle groups to work together efficiently. Movement Training

As a certified strength training specialist, John Watson improves lives. John owns Movement Training by Design in Glastonbury CT. People from all walks of life benefit from the guidance of personal training they receive at Movement Training by Design. From the couch potato to the seasoned athlete, movement training can be applied to anyone. John Watson will train your body to perform simple tasks in a coordinated and fluid manner, training your muscle groups to work together.&nb

Reduce pain and injury and increase strength with the help of a personal fitness trainer. John Watson is a certified strength training specialist based in Glastonbury CT.  John Watson owns and operates Movement Training by Design. At Movement Training by Design, we specialize in helping people with compromised movement due to orthopedic or other physical limitations. We use techniques that strengthen muscle tone, improve muscle function and flexibility. Our methods can help people from

John Watson is a personal fitness trainer in Glastonbury CT. Our program of functional movement exercise is training for life.  Movement is the gateway to fitness. Movement is a basic part of life. You can prevent injury, reduce pain and improve stability using Functional Workouts. Functional Movement Training strengthens several groups of muscles at once. When all your major muscle groups are toned, your body can function as a single unit. Functional Movement Training will improve your

John Watson is a personal fitness trainer who will help you improve stability with movement training. At Movement Training by Design, we improve your body's flexibility, power, endurance, and range of motion. Your age does not matter. Your level of fitness coming into the program is irrelevant. From seasoned athletes to middle aged couch potatoes, we strengthen muscle groups and teach your body to move safely, powerfully.  Whatever your health challenge, whatever your fitness level, ever