Looking for a youth movement trainer Hartford CT? See Certified strength and conditioning specialist John Watson. John provides strength training for people of all ages in his Glastonbury CT studio. Minutes from anywhere in greater Hartford, Movement Training by Design offers special physical training to improve flexibility, coordination, and muscle function. We offer free movement assessments to young people who are interested in developing their bodies. From athletes to pos

John Watson is a child functional movement coach Hartford CT. Call  Movement Training by Design for a consultation in Child movement and coordination training. Certified strength and conditioning specialist John Watson offers a free movement assessment at his Glastonbury studio. Whatever the health challenge, whatever the fitness level, everyone can benefit from functional movement training. Because many children are sedentary or overweight, important coordinated muscle mov

Get a free movement assessment Hartford CT. John Watson is a Certified strength training specialist. His Glastonbury studio is Movement Training by Design. John's training programs help you move better. Your body's muscle groups begin working together, and moving better makes you feel better. Whatever level of fitness you start at, movement training improves flexibility and muscle function. Movement Training by Design trains people of any age and fitness level. When we train your body to perf

In Hartford CT, you can get a functional fitness evaluation at Movement Training by Design studio. Owner and Certified fitness trainer John Watson offers targeted fitness training to strengthen muscle groups. The purpose of functional fitness training is to help your muscles learn to work together. When muscle groups are exercised together, they learn to perform everyday activities with efficiency. Muscle groups which have been strengthened work effici

We offer a free functional movement screen in the Hartford CT area at Movement Training by Design fitness studio. From a trainer's perspective, movement is the gateway to fitness. Movement is a basic part of life, and is the backbone of successful sports and fitness programs.  In my previously published article below I discuss movement and the importance of functional movement screening.  - John Watson, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. What d

Do You Golf?

Improve your golf swing with Movement Training by Design.  Certified functional movement trainer John Watson can improve the way you move. His Glastonbury studio is minutes from Hartford CT.  The Deep Squat as used by Functional Movement Screens and Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) has been found to be a useful test to gather information on a golfer’s preparedness for the game. In their research, TPI has found se

Consult a functional movement trainer before beginning your fitness program in greater Hartford CT.  John Watson is a certified strength and training specialist at Movement Training by Design. As a personal trainer, John has worked with people of all body types and fitness levels, some olympians and others with health and mobility issues. Everyone can benefit from functional movement training. The consensus is that movement training will enhance the quality of life, improve