When your goal is to play golf better, start with a visit to Movement Training by Design in Glastonbury. Certified trainer John Watson has a movement training program that will result in improving your golf game.  A Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, John's studio offers personal training to improve coordination, flexibility and strength. Not only can we improve your golf swing, we prevent injury and muscle strain. John performs a Movement Assessment to eval

You will benefit from body movement training at Movement Training By Design. This is a Glastonbury CT based functional fitness studio run by Certified Trainer John Watson. Whatever your age or physical condition, you can improve your physical condition through functional movement training. We offer a free Movement Assessment to inspect movement and pinpoint areas of muscle weakness. Our training can improve strength, coordination, flexibility and overall conditioning. When your body is coordinat

A functional fitness trainer can help your body move better. Certified fitness trainer John Watson's studio is located minutes from Manchester. At Movement Training by Design, your muscle groups are trained to move together to work more efficiently.  Muscles trained together make everyday activities like lifting and squatting easier. Muscle groups which have been strengthened together make it easier to move without pain or injury.