I would like to share an excellent article entitled Exercise-Based Performance Enhancement and Injury Prevention for Firefighters: Contracting the Fitness- and Movement- Related Adaptations to Two Training Methodologies.  It was published in the September 2015 issue of the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. The article compares the efficacy of Movement Guided Fitness and Conventional Fitness over a 12 week training period. The g

Have yourself evaluated by a functional movement trainer before beginning a fitness program in greater Glastonbury CT. John Watson is a certified strength and training specialist at Movement Training by Design. As a personal trainer, John has worked with people of all body types and fitness levels, some olympians and others with health and mobility issues. Everyone can benefit from functional movement training. The consensus is that movement training will enhance the quality of

Certified trainer John Watson has a training program that will improve your golf game in Glastonbury CT.  A Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, John owns Movement Training by Design, and offers personal training to improve coordination, flexibility and strength. Not only can we improve your golf swing, we prevent injury and muscle strain. John performs a Movement Assessment to evaluate each individual's baseline in flexibility, stability, strength, endurance

Professional personal trainer John Watson's goal is training you to move better. At his Glastonbury CT studio, Movement Training by Design, he is changing lives for the better. John works with people who wish to increase their strength, range of motion, flexibility, endurance, and power. Anyone can improve their strength, coordination and flexibility. Whether you are a child, a student, an athlete, or wheelchair-bound, John will train muscle groups to work together efficiently. Movement Training

The purpose of functional fitness training is to help your muscles learn to work together. When muscle groups are exercised together, they learn to perform everyday activities with efficiency. Muscle groups which have been strengthened work efficiently, make it easier to lift groceries, pick up low objects, and move without injury.

Functional fitness movements that use multiple muscles and joints prepare

As a certified strength training specialist and fitness trainer, John Watson provides movement training in greater Glastonbury. When your muscle groups are strengthened, we improve movement and coordination.  When your body moves better, you feel better. John Watson helps people at all stages of health and fitness. Movement training improves flexibility, muscle function and coordination. Our  specialized training can correct subtle postural errors, abnormal gait, joint pain, and muscle

John Watson is a Fitness Training expert serving the greater Glastonbury CT area. At Movement Training by Design, clients undergo a series of tests to evaluate their ability to move well. Movement Screening is particularly helpful in evaluating  athletes and children. Movement is a basic part of life, the gateway to fitness.  Functional Movement Training strengthens groups of muscles, allowing fluid and efficient movement for everyday tasks.  Exercises used in functional moveme

I would like to share an important video with you which addresses movement development in children. As a certified Personal Trainer, my role is to educate my clients while conditioning and strengthening their bodies. Below I have embedded a video of Dr. Greg Rose, a board certified Doctor of Chiropractic as he gives his 2014 FMS Summit keynote presentation. Dr. Rose shares the importance of evaluating movement in young athletes.